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Dynamic Discounting
Dynamic Discounting is the optimal solution for managing company liquidity. It gives buyers the chance to –provide early payments to their suppliers in exchange for a a discount on their invoices . Dynamic Discounting is a solution fully integrated with any ERP or Treasury system, provinding complete process automation.

Our sevices

Confirming is a financial solution that allows buyers to manage payments to its suppliers. Financial institution pays suppliers early, while the buyer pay the financial institution in line with its payment terms. FinDynamic allows buyers to manage several confirming programs via a single tailor interface integrated with multiple banks.

Our sevices

Early payment
FinDynamic platform – thanks to Supply Chain Finance solutions implemented together with your customers – allows you to receive advance payment for your trade receivables.

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FinDynamic, is a Fintech of reference regarding Supply Chain Finance. We offer innovative financial solutions, optimizing corporate liquidity and supply chain management.



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All of our services are designed to make the relationship between businesses increasingly ethical and sustainable.

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