Early payment

The FinDynamic platform – thanks to the Supply Chain Finance solutions implemented together with your customers – allows you to receive advance payment for your trade receivables.

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Cash your invoices in advance

Manage your cash flows predictably and get immediate liquidity. In this way you can meet recurring expenses, needs related to contingent requirements, improve your business ratios or simply finance your growth and your projects. At a lower cost than other instruments.

Access a simple, no-tie solution

You can use the FinDynamic solution with no constraints, as needed, and it is immediately operational, with no bureaucratic or contractual burdens and times.

Strengthen customer relationship

Stabilize and strengthen the relationship with your customers, without changing the contractual conditions.

Digitilize processes related to collections management

The use of an advanced but easy-to-use technological solution allows you to improve visibility of your credit situation and reduce the administrative effort involved in managing collections.

Why to choose FinDynamic

No minimum revenue requirement

FinDynamic solutions can be used by all types of companies and for any amount.

No endless waiting

Receive the invitation to register on the platform and you are immediately operational. You do not need any training, the system is extremely intuitive to use.

You choose the invoices and plan the receipts

You can request an advance on any invoice approved by your client, and you can set up the platform to schedule collections on the dates you want.

Offers you the best assistance

Whatever problems you may have, FinDynamic offers you a dedicated support – 24/7 – thanks to an extremely competent multilingual team based in Europe.



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