Dynamic Discounting

A secure, smart, flexible, and customizable service that enables companies to support their supply chain every day.

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What is Dynamic Discounting?

Dynamic Discounting allows companies (supply chain buyers) to manage surplus liquidity by offering to their suppliers early payment of invoices, in exchange for a discount that changes dynamically, based on the number of days of advance payment requested by the supplier.

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All Supply Chain Finance in one platform

FinDynamic platform integrates all Supply Chain Finance services: Dynamic Discounting and Confirming.
In a single platform, you have the flexibility to choose the solution that best suits your suppliers’ needs and your liquidity requirements.

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Dynamic Discounting Benefits

  • Advantages for the Buyer
  • Advantages for the Supplier

Monetize company liquidity

Generate value and profitability from your cash surplus by getting a return on early payment of invoices to your suppliers.

Generate above-average and risk-free returns

The returns come from paying your bills early. You take on no additional risk and get a higher level of return than traditional investments.

Support your Supply Chain

Stabilize and strengthen relationships with your suppliers by offering access to an alternative channel of liquidity, with no impact on the supplier’s bank exposure and no administrative constraints

Enhance the sustainability of the supply chain

Reward the sustainability of your supply chain – also from an ESG point of view – with the possibility of giving access to a facilitated channel of liquidity to the most virtuous suppliers from an ethical, social and governance point of view.

Digitilize processes related to supplier management

The use of an advanced, yet easy-to-use technology solution allows you to reduce the administrative burden of managing your supplier base and maintain the flexibility to use your cash.

Don't change your operational processes

FinDynamic adapts to your processes and not the other way around. This allows corporate treasury, customer administration and accounting to continue to operate according to their internal standard procedures.

Collect your invoices in advance

It manages cash flows predictably and obtains immediate liquidity. In this way it can meet recurring expenses, meet contingent needs, and improve its business ratios.

Have access to an alternative channel of liquidity

Obtains liquidity, but without increasing its debt exposure and without assigning credit or opening new self-liquidating lines of credit

Access a simple, no-tie solution

You can use the FinDynamic solution with no constraints, as needed, and it is immediately operational, with no bureaucratic or contractual burdens and times.

What makes FinDynamic different from other Dynamic Discounting solutions

It's a solution totally based on customer needs

Our approach is to study the needs and processes of our customer and choose the best solution

It's a platform natively integrated with ERPs

It means zero effort from the customer’s IT point of view. FinDynamic is integrated with all ERPs on the market

It's a multi-function technology suite

FinDynamic is a hub that hosts numerous sources of information useful for the management of Supply Chain Finance solutions, such as solvency ratings, credit ratings, ESG scoring, document collection.

Offers maximum customer and supplier support

FinDynamic offers dedicated support 24/7, thanks to an extremely competent multilingual team based in Italy.




The client company chooses which invoices to make payable in advance and the discount rate to apply, approves payment requests from suppliers and pays the invoice in advance, using its own liquidity without involving financial intermediaries.

No effort. The implementation of the service is simple and is supported by Findynamic's consulting team. The dedicated platform is integrated with ERP systems, allows automatic loading of invoices and accounting management.

The benefits of the service are:

  • efficient and profitable management of liquidity;
  • Consolidation of the market leadership and loyalty of the suppliers fleet;
  • Generation of benefits along the entire supply chain;Digitization of processes and reduction of administrative workload.

The service offers:

  • automatic integration (Plug&Play) with ERP systems and Corporate Treasury software;
  • Dedicated consultancy for the analysis of the suppliers and for the setting of the platform;
  • onboarding of the suppliers park completely managed by FinDynamc;
  • Automatic accounting integration of the platform;
  • 24/7 dedicated assistance.

FinDynamic's service allows the client company to automatically upload suppliers' invoices on the dedicated platform, defining the discount rate to be applied. Once the request for advance payment has been received from the supplier, the client company can proceed with the approval and directly arrange the payment.

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