FinDynamic is a Fintech born in 2016 within Politecnico di Milano, and has characterized itself – right from the start – as the innovative solution of reference in Supply Chain Finance, first with Dynamic Discounting and then expanding 360 degrees on all the main financial solutions for the management of supplier chains: confirming, reverse factoring, etc.

About Us

All FinDynamic solutions are strongly integrated both with management system or treasury software (ERP or TMS) of the supply chain manager, and with the portfolio management systems of banks. All of this through a single proprietary technology platform that today allows more than 100 buyers to strategically manage their treasury and more than 15,000 suppliers to obtain advance payments of their invoices.

Why choose FinDynamic


Companies involved

  • Between buyers and suppliers
  • > 900K annual transactions

> 70%

Onboarded in 3 month

  • Customized and proprietary Onboarding (AI) solution to support suppliers, that ensures success on all types of suppliers.
  • Customer care dedicated to suppliers to ensure loyalty (NPS > 9.5)

Fully customized customer platform

  • A platform built on the specific needs of of each customer (flexible technological infrastructure) possibility of customer brand use (white label)
  • Project manager and dedicated team (24/7) for program implementation and monitoring

Native integration with all stakeholders

  • Integration with providers specialized in ESG scores and financial data to exploit artificial intelligence models and offer Dynamic Discounting with dedicated pricing
  • IT infrastructure (AWS), secure, integrated with SAP and bank portfolio systems




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