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A new idea, the experts to achieve it: this is how the future is made.
FinDynamic is a Fintech company that was founded in 2016 within Polihub, the incubator of the Politecnico di Milano, thanks to the direct commitment of its two founders: Enrico Viganò e Ervis Jace. FinDynamic is the first Italian player capable of guaranteeing a Dynamic Discounting service through an online platform that maximizes liquidity management and optimizes supply-chain relationships. Thanks to its strong proprietary technology, FinDynamic today allows more than 4000 suppliers to automatically view invoices and easily select the ones that are more apt to early payment. FinDynamic is, above all, a new concept of the supply chain, able to evolve the relationship of buyers and suppliers from simple working relationships to partnership. Thanks to its innovative service, liquidity becomes an investment for buyers and a great resource for suppliers.

Board and Advisor

  • Enrico Viganò

    CEO & Founder

  • Ervis Jace

    CTO & Founder

  • Luigi Viganò


  • Marco Pusterla


  • Mauro Anastasi


  • Marco Bisceglia


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