What is Dynamic Discounting?

Today, Dynamic Discounting is one of the most innovative and efficient ways to finance the working capital of companies. It is a solution that allows suppliers to request- through a digital platform- an advanced payment of already-issued invoices directly to their clients, in exchange for a discount whose amount varies according to the required number of days of advance.

What is FinDynamic?

FinDynamic is the first player that has adapted Dynamic Discounting to the Italian market, through a service for buyers and suppliers that relies on a proprietary platform. FinDynamic allows managing the advanced payment of invoices at a fixed discount rate, optimizing liquidity.

What is the difference between the service of FinDynamic and Factoring?

FinDynamic’s service differs from traditional forms of financing by proposing a model that has no intermediaries. It is the buyer that directly arranges the payment of invoices, anticipating liquidity in exchange for a discount.


How does FinDynamic work?

FinDynamic’s service allows the buyer to automatically upload the invoices on the platform and define the discount rate to be applied. Once the buyer receives the supplier’s request, it can proceed with the approval and directly arrange the payment.

What does the service include?

The service includes:

– Automatic integration (Plug&Play) with ERP systems and Corporate Treasury software;

– Dedicated consulting and advisory service to set the Platform and analyze the list of suppliers;

– Onboarding of the list of suppliers, fully operated by FinDynamc;

– Integration with accounting report system;

– 24/7 dedicated assistance.

What are the benefits for the buyers?

The benefits of the service are:

– Efficient and profitable liquidity management;

– Consolidation of market leadership and supplier list retention;

– Profit-generation through the whole supply chain;

– Digitization of the processes and reduction of the administrative workload

How hard is it to implement and manage the service?

No effort is required! Implementing the service is simple and fully supported by the FinDynamic consulting team. The platform is integrated with ERP systems and allows accounting management and the automatic upload of invoices.


How does early payment work?

At first, the buyer chooses which invoices to pay in advance and chooses the discount rate to apply. He then approves the payment requests from suppliers and pays the invoices, using his own liquid assets without involving financial intermediaries.


How does FinDynamic work?

Through its Dynamic Discounting platform, FinDynamic allows suppliers to view the invoices for which they can get early payment, select the new balance date, and send the request directly to the buyer (eliminating intermediaries and thus reducing waiting times and avoiding fixed costs).

What does the service include?

The service offers:

– Secure payment, on dates selected by the same supplier;

– No bureaucracy or forms to fill out;

– Free access to liquidity in a matter of hours.

What are the benefits for the supplier?

The benefits of the service are:

– Unlocking liquidity without the involvement of financial intermediaries;

– Digitization of the processes and reduction of the administrative workload;

– Improvement of the NFD (Net Financial Debt);

– No impact on Corporate Rating.

How long does it take to complete the registration?

Registration on the platform is simple, fast, and takes place with just a few clicks (email and password). It is the buyer that invites the supplier through FinDynamic.

How does the early payment request work?

Within the platform, the supplier sees the invoices that are available for ealry payment, he selects the ones he wishes to ask advanced payment for by setting a new payment date, and sends the request directly to the buyer, who approves and runs the payment.

Who pays in case of the request of an early payment?

Once an early payment request has been processed, the buyer will directly credit the supplier’s account. No additional data or IBAN is required.

How much is paid in advance?

Unlike traditional financing methods, through Dynamic Discounting the supplier will receive 100% of the nominal value, net of the advance cost.

Why does the buyer use the Dynamic Discounting service?

The buyer adopting the Dynamic Discounting service is able to use its liquidity to strengthen its production chain and improve the strategic relationship with its suppliers, transforming simple relationships into true partnerships.

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